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Supporting the Midlands' Nuclear Industry by bringing together the supply chain with developers, generators, researchers and skills providers.

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Rolls-Royce SMR reactor (illustration)

Working to maximise nuclear opportunities for the Midlands.

Midlands Nuclear is a single entity aiming to bring together the supply chain, developers, generators, researchers and skills providers interested or already operating here in the Midlands. Midlands Nuclear's primary aim is to advocate on behalf of these stakeholders and the wider region, to make the case for increased and sustained investment into Nuclear and related industries in the Midlands. Midlands Nuclear is wholly technology neutral and without a bias towards any specific sector.

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Top: The Nuclear AMRC facility in Derby (Source: NAMRC)
Bottom: Illustrative STEP plant prototype design (Source: UKAEA)

Seven nuclear priorities for the Midlands

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    Support bids for nuclear manufacturing sites.

    There is the potential for a number of nuclear manufacturing facilities to be sited in the region building on the Midlands' strong manufacturing base.

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    Support the development of new nuclear generation in the Midlands and propose potential Midlands sites.

    The Midlands is unique as it has no current nuclear generation sites. Whilst the first phase of new nuclear is focused on re-purposing older nuclear sites there are opportunities for new sites to be put forward in the future.

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    Support the development of the fusion energy sector.

    The government's announcement that the new STEP Fusion plant will be built at West Burton A in north Nottinghamshire will enable a significant Midlands-based fusion technology sector to develop and will strengthen the local supply chain.

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    Establish a Midlands nuclear consortium to coordinate nuclear energy activities across the region.

    This would bring together the supply chain, developers, generators, researchers and skills providers interested or already operating in the region.

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    Support nuclear skills development to meet Midlands and national demand.

    Develop a Midlands nuclear skills roadmap and encourage universities and colleges to scale up skills provision to meet planned nuclear activity, especially given the scaling up in construction and deployment involved.

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    Support creation of nuclear test, validation and R&D facilities.

    The Midlands has potential to become a leading cluster for the nuclear and fusion sectors but requires facilities to support the development of next generation nuclear to enable this.

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    Support the siting assessment of the UK's long-term Geological Disposal Facility.

    Work with communities through the established Community Partnership to better understand what hosting a geological disposal facility entails, providing expertise where required.

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Nuclear also has the potential to power the production of large-scale, very low-cost green hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.

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The West Burton A site in Nottinghamshire which will be home to the new STEP Fusion Power Plant

Watch the video of the launch of Midlands Nuclear in Westminster

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Want to join Midlands Nuclear?

If your company is interested in joining Midlands Nuclear, please contact us with details of your business, the work you do and the kind of opportunities that you are interested in.

Alternatively, please contact us if you have any questions about the work of Midlands Nuclear or ideas about other activities we can support.

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This is a hugely exciting time for the nuclear industry, and the Midlands has everything in its arsenal to develop into a nuclear powerhouse. Communities up and down the country are feeling the benefits of having a vibrant nuclear sector; well paid, skilled jobs, which help keep the lights on and protect the planet.
Tom Greatrex, CEO, Nuclear Industry Association

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